Top Things to Do in Kolkata

Kolkata, a densely populated city in west Bengal has a vintage charm, leaving its visitors in awe. From the modern, technology-based growth to the ancient buildings of the royalty, the city is a blend of two worlds, topped with heavenly delicacies. 

Shot at prinsep ghat near the banks of the Ganges. The bridge is Vidyasagar setu that connects Kolkata and Howrah.
Shot at prinsep ghat near the banks of the Ganges. The bridge is Vidyasagar setu that connects Kolkata and Howrah.

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Kolkata, the second largest and 350 years old city of India, is an incarnation of all things festive, luxurious, and futuristic, with a comforting aura of the ancient. Formerly known as Calcutta, this city is the capital of West Bengal and has immense beauty to offer. It is also known as the City of Joy for its bustling streets, mouth-watering delicacies, and old-colonial architecture that titillates one’s senses. The blend of royalty and humility is what one loves about Kolkata. 

With our travel guide, you will be all set to explore the city and have the time of your life. 


Centred on the east bank of the Hugli River, Kolkata is an extremely spatial city. It is 96 miles upstream from the head of the Bay of Bengal. It is 80km away from the international border of Bangladesh, thus, being at a distance from the metropolitan cities across the nation. However, with extensive transport facilities, the city becomes highly accessible. 


This capital city has a subtropical climate, with seasonal monsoon showers. All year round, Kolkata stays warm, with a temperature of 27 °C in December and January and 38 °C in April and May. The city is covered in fog and mist during winters, offering a pleasant climate. 


Much before the reign of numerous rulers and Britishers, Kolkata was a renowned trading hub. Its origin is observed in the Maurya and Gupta Period. In 1690, the British East India Company came to the city and started developing it as a Presidency City. They named it Calcutta and made it the British Capital in India. 

The famous Howrah bridge lit up at night.

The Britishers contributed diligently to the city’s architecture, designating it as the “City of Palaces”. Not only did the city undergo rapid industrialization, but it also was a pioneer in all the independence movements. After independence, the Indian Government named the city Kolkata.


The city’s topography showcases an elevation of 30 feet above sea level. The whole area of the city falls on the Ganges Delta. The city is covered in swamps and marshlands on the eastern slope, and the metropolitan area confines the western slope. The soil of the city is predominantly alluvial. Kolkata is connected with the Hugli River’s oldest port in India, the Kidderpore port.

Interesting Facts

  • Kolkata is the only city that has been operating trams and tanga since 1902.  
  • In terms of area, the largest tree in the world is found in the Botanical Gardens here. It is a Banyan tree that is over 250 years old. 
  • The Calcutta Polo Club is the country’s first and oldest polo club. 
  • The famous Howrah Bridge is the busiest cantilever bridge in the world, having no nuts or bolts. 

Things To Do In Kolkata

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Being one of the liveliest cities in the country, there are multiple tourist places for you to enjoy. Especially during Durga Puja, the city livens up with celebration, every lane with its own carnival. So, whether you are looking for things to do in Kolkata for youngsters or activities in other categories, here is a list that can help! 

Shopping In Kolkata

  • Go On A Shopping Spree – Kolkata has been a trading hub for ages, and that ensures that there are ample things to shop for. The Gariahat Market, Hatibagan Market, and New Market are some popular streets with the best shopping malls
  • Shop Stationery At A Bargain – Park Street offers a wide range of stationery items at affordable prices. You can find many unique items for your desk. 
  • Invest in Vintage Pieces – The old auction houses on Park Street are filled with vintage and handcrafted decor, perfect for your home or a souvenir.
  • Visit The Iconic Stores Of Park Street– Giggles and India’s Hobby Centre are some of the oldest and most iconic stores in Kolkata, selling board games, cups, cards, and other gift items. This is one of the most fun things to do.
  • Explore The Kumortuli Neighbourhood – Kumortuli is the potters’ quarters, filled with sculptures of gods and goddesses. Observe the soothing process of sculpting and pottery from the rich mud of the Ganges. Buy some exquisite, handcrafted pieces for you and your loved ones. 

Nightlife In Kolkata

The nightlife of Kolkata is just as vibrant as the city, especially during festivals like Christmas that are celebrated with immense vigour in the town and makes for a beautiful sight to see.

The iconic trams of Kolkata
The famous trams of Kolkata
  • Enjoy A Night in the Waters – Head to the Howrah Bridge for a ferry ride at night. The calm waters at night and the breezy ferry ride are one of the top places to visit in Kolkata for couples.
  • Enliven With The Nightlife – There are abundant nightclubs in Kolkata that bring the night to life. Some of these nightclubs are The Junction, Aqua, Shisha, etc.
  • Street Food In Kolkata At Night – For a fun evening, try out all the street food dishes such as puchkas, rosellas, peyaji, and also chop in the lanes of the city.
  • Go on a Karaoke Dinner – Nalban is a restaurant with a karaoke room, arcade room, fine dining, a book reading area, and a splendid ambience. It is one of the most romantic things to do in Kolkata. 
  • Have Some Haunted Fun – The South Park Cemetry is an unusual attraction for youngsters, with ancient tombs, architecture, and spine-chilling corners. It is some of the most offbeat things to do in Kolkata and if you are a daredevil, try visiting at night for all the feels. 

Other Activities 

  • Take a Tram Ride – Get into the feels of Bengal with a fun tram ride around the city of Kolkata. The tram operates from 7 A.M to 8 P.M and moves around all the old and new locations of the city. 
  • Catch a Movie in the New Empire Cinema – Watch a movie of your choice in the vintage New Empire Cinema for a fun evening. 
  • Meet Realistic Wax Figures in the City – The Mother’s Wax Museum in Kolkata houses realistic wax figures, important personalities and leaders. It is one of the fascinating things to do in Kolkata. 
  • Take A Boat Ride – Kolkata, being surrounded by the Hugli River, Salt Lake, Vidyasagar Setu, etc., has a relaxing boat ride with a panoramic view is a must. 
  • Early Morning Breakfast in Terreti Morning Market – Get ready at 6 in the morning and head to the Terreti Bazar for a wide spread of local and continental breakfast options. It is one of the most famous breakfast places in Kolkata, offering a local and cultural experience. 
  • Stroll In The Finest Parks of Kolkata – Kolkata houses some of the most exquisite parks and gardens overlooking the Hugli River. Some great options are the Millenium Park, Eco Park, and the Botanical Gardens.  
  • Go On A Sightseeing Spree – Cover all the iconic landmarks such as the Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial Palace, Eden Gardens, Dhakuria Lake, and more. 

Places To Visit In Kolkata

Indian Museum in Central Kolkata
Indian Museum in Central Kolkata

This list ensures you do not miss out on any unique places to visit in Kolkata:

  • The Marble Palace – It is one of the oldest 19th-century mansions in North Kolkata.
    Entry Fee – Free
  • The Victoria Memorial Palace – This palace is a large marble edifice with enchanting architecture and spellbinding history. 
    Entry Fee – INR.10
  • Dakineshwar And Kalighat Temples – These two temples are a must-visit for a spiritual and cultural experience of Kolkata. 
    Entry Fee – Free
  • Mother Teresa House – Learn about the life and history of Mother Teresa and admire the beautiful edifice.
    Entry Fee- Free
  • Princep Ghat – Have a magical experience by watching the sunset on the Princep Ghats. 
    Entry Fee – Free
  • Science City – Visit the largest science centre in the Indian Subcontinent for a fun, knowledge-filled afternoon. 
    Entry Fee- INR 50

Places To Visit Nearby

Here is a list of all the offbeat places near Kolkata:

  • Sundarbans – Sundarbans is the largest river delta and offers an amusing wildlife experience with distinguished flora and fauna.
    Entry Fee – INR 15
  • Digha – Surrounded by beaches, Digha is one of the ideal weekend destinations near Kolkata for friends and family
    Entry fee – N/A
  • Belur Math – Inspired by multiple religions, the architecture of the Belur Math is mesmerising. It is distanced from the crowded part of Kolkata. 
    Entry Fee – Free
  • Ajodhya Hills – It is the nearest hill station from Kolkata, offering cold winds, breathtaking views, and deep waterfalls. 
    Entry Fee – N/A
The famous Victoria Memorial in Kolkata
The Victoria Memorial

Places To Eat

We have curated a list of Kolkata’s best restaurants for an epic culinary experience:

  • 6 Ballygunge Place – A local favourite, this restaurant serves the best buffet in the city.
  • Flury’s  – One of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Kolkata, Flury’s serves awesome chicken patties, rum balls, and Darjeeling tea. 
  • La Cucina – La Cucina is popular for its exceptional Italian food. From pizzas to pasta, they do it all. 
  • Alfresco – It is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata for couples as its luxurious ambience and divine food is apt for dates. 
  • Mitra Cafe – Having served Indian celebrities and legends, this cafe is famous for its Fish Kabiraji and vegetable chop. 

How To Plan A Trip To Kolkata?

Planning the itinerary, logistics, and activities are the basic checkpoints for a trip to Kolkata. Below are some travelling options to simplify your trip to Kolkata:

How To Reach Kolkata?

Here’s how you can reach this mesmerising destination –

  • By Train –

There are two major railway stations in the city – Howrah and Sealdah. The railway network is efficient and well-connected to all the cities across the country. Thus, travelling to Kolkata by train is quite easy. 

  • By Road

Government and private buses are in abundance, travelling from state to state at a reasonable cost. You can opt for private cab services as well. The city is connected to other cities and states through smooth highways and efficient routes. Hailing a cab and going for a weekend trip is easy and the best way to explore the city and it’s surroundings.

  • By Flight – 

The Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the airport in Kolkata and receives flights from all over the country and the world. The airport is located in an area called Dumdum. 

The famous Prinsep Ghat park in Kolakata.
Prinsep Ghat

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Kolkata is from October to March. The climate is extremely neutral and pleasant. You will be able to cover all the activities during this period. 

Hotels And Resorts

Hotel NameAddress
Zone By The ParkPremises No.39-1111, Action Area-I, New Town, Kolkata, 700156Phone:033 23246300
Novotel Hotel And ResidencesCF 11 Action Area, 1C New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata, 700156 Phone:033 4032 3333
Ibiza The Fern and SpaMerlin Greens Kriparampur Amtala 24 Parganas, Kolkata 743503Phone:033 6655 5555
The Oberoi Grand15 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata 700013Phone: 011 2389 0606
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Things To Do In Kolkata - A Complete Travel Guide
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Things To Do In Kolkata - A Complete Travel Guide
Kolkata, a densely populated city in west Bengal has a vintage charm. From the modern, technology-based growth to the ancient buildings of the royalty, Kolkata is a blend of two worlds, topped with heavenly delicacies. 
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