Experience Mysore like a local

Mysore is a city known for its palaces, diversity, and royal heritage. Every year people from across the world visit this great city to experience the bygone royal era. Have you ever wondered if you could see the city beyond the clichéd touristy places? Well, there are some exceptional activities that you can undertake to […]

Bundi: A Trip To A Bygone Era

Rajasthan is a destination that finds its place on every traveller’s list, Indians and foreigners alike. The magnificent architecture, rich heritage, and the unique traditions make Rajasthan an intriguing place to visit. There are so many distinguished sites to visit that most visitors end up missing the offbeat destinations. Bundi is one such destination situated […]

Famous arts and handicrafts from Uttar Pradesh

India has been blessed with artists who create finest of handicrafts that are renowned across the world. Uttar Pradesh is no different with artists and artisans specialised in different forms of art from Agra to Varanasi. Mughals ruled major parts of UP for over two centuries which impacted the artwork. The Nawabs were believed to […]

Golu Celebrations in Tamil Nadu

Navaratri festival in Tamil Nadu is celebrated to praise and pray to the Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. The tenth day which is the tenth lunar day in Hindu calendar is celebrated as the “Vijayadashami” or Dussehra. For anyone who has never witnessed the fervour and celebrations of Dusshera down South, the entire experience can […]

Celebrate Durga Pujo in the Magnificent Kolkata

The Durga Pujo or Durgotsava or Durga Puja is celebrated with immense joy and magnificence by the Bengali community in India. Though it’s a predominantly Bengali festival, everyone joins the celebration without any restrictions on religion, caste, creed or age. The Durga Puja is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil […]

Offbeat getaways in India: Rishikesh

Rishikesh, located at a distance of 210km from Chandigarh is a perfect getaway destination for anyone who seeks relaxation and positivity. Rishikesh being one of the holiest cities in India attracts tourists from around the world. This beautiful pilgrimage town is a place with many cafes, yoga centres, temples, adventure sports, and has something to […]

Offbeat getaways in India: Cardamom Hills

Cardamom Hills, also known as the birthplace of spices is a mountainous area located in the southern India in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This place derives its name from the cardamom spice that is grown in massive quantities. Apart from that, Cardamom Hills is also famous for producing coffee, tea, bamboo, pepper, […]

Savaari Car Rentals launches Local and Outstation Cab services in 14 new cities in India

From Ambala to Coorg, from Kutch to Agartala, we are offering more and more options to satisfy your wanderlust. Whether you want to travel through the sands of Jaisalmer, or explore more of Siliguri, you can count on us to make your journey even better. We’ve launched in 14 new cities in India – Agartala, […]

Offbeat getaways in India: Chhattisgarh

India is a culturally diverse land known for accepting people with different ethnicities and histories. Even after 70 years of independence, one can find several indigenous tribes living peacefully and following their culture. One such state that is situated in the centre of India and which does not lack in diversity is Chhattisgarh. People in […]