#60DaysOfSummer – Day Trip to Ramoji Film City

Everyone who has had to keep young children engaged in activity during summer vacations knows that it’s a mammoth task. Thankfully, there are a number of amusement and theme parks where kids can have a blast. If you’re in or near Hyderabad this summer, a visit to Ramoji Film City is a must-do if you’re […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett

If the great outdoors call out to you often, a visit to Jim Corbett National Park may just be what you need this summer. The sense of adventure at the park is unparalleled. Everything from fishing, river crossing, nature trek to mountain biking, bridge slithering and river rafting is on offer. One of the best […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Paragliding in Rohtang

Are you an adrenalin junkie who swears by a sense of adventure in all your vacations? Head to Rohtang Pass this summer to try your hand at paragliding. A number of adventure sport companies arrange for paragliding and parasailing in the summer, particularly in Kullu and nearby towns. If the idea of a view of […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Farmstay at Punjabiyat

If you’re stressed out at work, and are looking for a getaway that closely resembles freedom from gadgets and technology, head over to Punjabiyat for a glimpse of the simple life. Tucked away in the middle of fields in Gurdaspur near Amritsar, this luxury resort only consist of only four cottages. But these cottages are […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Backwaters of Alleppey

Summer may not be the ideal time to visit Alleppey or Alappuzha as it is locally known, but we can guarantee that the laid back and rustic life in the backwaters will take your breath away. If you’re comfortable with slightly higher temperatures, you’ll find that Alleppey has a ton of very cheap places you […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Tea Plantations in Darjeeling

If you can’t properly wake up without a cup of tea, can’t function at work unless you get your regular dose of chai, or if you just appreciate a good cup of tea, we’ve got the perfect vacation spot for you. Darjeeling – birthplace of the famous hand-rolled Happy Valley tea (it sold at UK’s […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Skiing in Pahalgam

Want to know where it’s snowing right now? Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir. If you have an itch for going skiing, head straight to Pahalgam right away! And if you’ve never skied before, don’t worry, Pahalgam has a number of skiing schools that will get you slope-ready in no time. There are quite a few slopes nearby […]

#60DaysOfSummer – Backpacking in Zemu Glacier

Feel like getting away from it all, and running to the mountains? The snow-capped landscape of north Sikkim is a great place to start. With week-long treks to the Zemu Glacier at the foot of Kanchenjunga, you won’t miss the winter at all. Walking through some of the most picturesque snow-covered terrain in the country, […]