A food Trail in Shimla

Beyond the scenic landscape, cool alpine weather and line of pine forests, there’s a side to Shimla which is explored but not talked about. Being the largest city in Himachal, Shimla has attracted people from all cultures and regions of India and abroad.

A melting pot of various Indian and international cuisines, Shimla brings you a wide array of delectable delicacies to the table, literally! From simple roadside shacks, legendary cafes to fine dining the ‘queen of hills’ has something for every food lover. But as they say, if you really want to know a place, you must eat with and like the locals. Book a Chandigarh to Shimla taxi and embark on this culinary trail to sample the best of Shimla’s local food.

Let’s start with the morning chowdown at Krishna Bakers. The oldest bakery of town, Krishna bakers lays down freshly baked bread and pastries of all kinds. As is the case with most old bakeries of hill stations, Krishna’s menu has never changed over the years. And so has their recipes. The highlight of this place is the fresh-off-the-oven, tender chicken bun.

Goofa & Ashiana: For a cozy dinner with the view of the hills, head to the Goofa & Ashiana. Quite a quirky name, this place offers two dining areas- the basement seating (Goofa) and the garden seating (Ashiana). Maintained by the tourism department, this restaurant is a family favorite and is quite on the fancy side.

Indian Coffee House: Wash down your carbs with a cup of hot Indian filter coffee. One of the oldest coffee houses in India, the Indian Coffee House is also a popular stop for strawberry jelly and fresh cream.

Embassy Ice Cream: All meals must end on a sweet note. And as they say, there’s always room for dessert. And for desserts, there’s nothing better than Embassy Ice Cream. The rainbow-colored façade of this shop quite matches with its colorful recipes. Treat yourself with a hearty serving of sundae loaded with fresh fruits, jellies, and candies. Or a simple scoop of house-made ice cream, topped with fancy goodies can make your day!

Alfa: For the fancy foodies, Alfa does not look inviting. But once you leave your hang-ups and focus only on their specialties, you would forget where you are and why you are there. Don’t forget to try their kheema samosas, sinfully greasy but heavenly, house burgers and melting sundaes.

Sita Ram and Sons: Ever had a Chhole Bhature with a twist? Sita Ram and Sons does just that to your favorite Punjabi dish. Tender and cottony soft bhature, which are more like thick puris, served with a handsome portion of slightly sweetened chhole- every reason for you to gorge on.

Bihari Lal Sharma Chathouse: Yes, the mention of cool and crunchy chat in a cold hill station might not sound very inviting. But Shimla sees quite a harsh summer for its location. And that’s the time, you would love to visit Bihari Lal Sharma. Their creatively made fruit chat and tangy panipuris are sure to beat the heat and leave a zing to your taste buds.

Aunty’s Kitchen: Though small in number, the town has quite a Chinese-Tibetan influence. The heritage Chinese restaurants are living examples of their coexistence. One such place is Aunty’s Kitchen. Running as a family-owned eatery since 1975, this place will leave you spoilt for choice of your favorite Chinese delicacy. Their 25 varieties of soups to choose from, we can bet you will have a long dinner here.

Beekay: Yet another bakery cum café that smells of old world charm. Sample their salami burgers and you are sure to come back for more.

Tibetan Food Corner: Known for kurkeys, the traditional Tibetan dish, this eatery is your go-to place for authentic Tibetan fare. Believe it or not, this food joint is the only Tibetan restaurant serving kurkeys in the country!

If you’re planning on visiting Shimla this summer, be sure to book convenient Delhi to Shimla cabs so you can head to each of these amazing eateries that picturesque hill station has to offer.

The best Irani cafes in Mumbai

Irani cafes are unique to the cities of Mumbai and Pune and have developed over the years from being quaint provision stores and bakeries to their present day image of the most-loved cafes. The most popular and thrifty option on the menu at these cafes is the bun-maska (pav with butter) and Irani chai. These cafes were set up by Persian migrants that crossed the border and entered India over 150 years ago.

While there were over a dozen Irani cafes in the city in the past, today only a handful remain that carry their legacy into the present day. Ensure to visit at least one of these cafes on your next Mumbai darshan to enjoy some Irani hospitality.


Kyani Bakery and Co.

One of the oldest Irani cafes in Marine Lines this place features tall wooden ceilings and the signature chairs that have protected the charm of the place. Kyani cafe is famous for its wine cake but it also offers other delicious options like the chicken roll and a variety of kheema dishes.

Stadium Cafe

Located outside The Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai’s first international cricket stadium, this cafe is only a short distance from the Churchgate station. People often come here to enjoy an Irani tea with a combination of muffins before they head out to watch the sunset at the Marine Drive.

Cafe Excelsior

Cafe Excelsior is scenically situated amidst historic buildings in the Fort Area. This 97-year-old cafe is the perfect place to witness the bygone charm of the city along with a delicious bite of the famous mutton burgers. The cafe also serves delectable Lebanese cuisine and desserts.

Merwan and Co.

Image source: The City Story

Located on the eastern side of the Grant Road Station, this cafe is popular among many office and retired mill workers who come here for an affordable snack. The ambiance of this cafe is a nod to the 70’s when Irani cafes were famous in Bollywood movies. This cafe is famous for its buttery bun maska, mawa cake, bhurji pav, and the Irani tea.

Jimmy Boy

This is a Parsi-Irani cafe that merges the best of two cultures and cuisines. Located in the Fort Area of Mumbai, this cafe is famous for its unconventional menu which includes dishes like Sali per edu, margi na farcha and mutton gravy cutlet.

Image source: Wikipedia

Cafe Military

Presumably, the only Irani cafe that serves beer in Mumbai, this place is made jovial by its ambiance as well as its amicable owners. The divine scrambled egg called akoori served here is a must have along with order class dishes like the kheema ghotala, mutton dhansak, and the caramel custard.

Cafe Gulshan

Popular with students and the locals of the neighbourhood, this cafe has managed to maintain its legacy in Central Mumbai, in Matunga. Although surrounded by newer cafes, this place has continued to stay on the map due to the authentic Irani cafe experience that it provides to the customers.

Irani cafes are a reflection of the culture of the migrants and further provide a picture of the diversified demography of the country. Hop on Pune to Mumbai cabs to enjoy the legacy of these Irani cafes and enjoy a piping hot Irani tea and some buttery pav to go along with it.