A perfect 4-day itinerary for exploring Chandigarh by cab

Listed as the only place from India in NY Times for the places to visit in 2018 across the globe

Providing the perfect blend of the authentic Indian culture and the fast-growing modern influence, Chandigarh is the right place for you to visit and it has something special for all the travelers. The joint capital of Punjab and Haryana is known for the mesmerizing Sukhna Lake, the beautiful Nek Chand Rock Garden, the pride of Chandigarh, the Capitol Complex and many other places. For the lovers of Gedhi, there is a special Gedhi Route for them where they can ride their cars and indulge themselves in the true spirit of Chandigarh. You can hire a full day cab in Chandigarh and see the city in its best form. It is the only place in India to reserve its name in the New York Times 52 places to visit across the globe.

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The reason for getting the name on the list is that it is described as the “green city and the mecca for architecture lovers” and it lies at number 43 amongst the 52 places in the list. The place bagged its name in the list due to the Capitol Complex, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A few other notable buildings include the Le Corbusier-designed government compound and the Oberoi Sukhvilas which is located over 8,000 acres of forest outside the Chandigarh city. The city is blessed with greenery and the canopy of trees provides the ambient path for taking a stroll in the evening with your loved ones. Also known as the City of Gardens, there are a lot of gardens and parks in Chandigarh where you can head for a morning or an evening walk. Talking about the architecture, every sector of Chandigarh has dimension 800 meters by 1200 meters and each sector is spread over an area of 250 acres.

Travel locations in Chandigarh sorted for you

Whether you are a nature lover or a secluded café person or a party animal, Chandigarh has something unique and special for you. You can hire one of the full day cabs in Chandigarh and begin your expedition. The center of city, Sector 17 is known for the young and quirky vibe during the evenings. It offers you a huge variety of international restaurants and cafes to choose from, having different varieties of cuisines for you to relish. Oriental Blossom, Cloud 9, Whistler and Orchid Garden are some of the top restaurants where you can visit during your trip to Chandigarh.

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Take a stroll along the Sukhna Lake 

The fresh and crispy vibe of Sukhna Lake provides just the best kick-start to your day filling it with energy and positivity. You can witness people of almost every age group there in the morning. There are kids wandering around, young and the old people jogging and working out, and some just sitting and breathing in the fresh air of the morning.

Explore the best out of waste at Rock Garden 

Along Sukhna Lake lies the renowned Rock Garden famous for the art objects made out of industrial and urban waste. It houses an open-air exhibition hall, a miniature maze, and a theatre trove. You can witness a folk world there, which consists of soldiers, temples, village life, and monkeys, all built from castaway glass bangles, discarded chinaware, and broken fluorescent tubes.

Time for some street shopping 

If you love street shopping, Shastri Market, which is located in Sector 22, is the ideal destination for you. You can reach there easily by hiring a cab in Chandigarh and you can buy different items from there according to your interests. It has jewelry for ladies, clothing for men, women, and kids, many gifts and artificial flower shops. It also has a lot of food stalls from where you can enjoy the famous street food of Chandigarh. You must be a really good bargainer, else you will end up getting looted in this market.

Other Activities in Chandigarh:

For the lovers of wildlife 

Chhatbir Zoo is the animal and bird lovers’ paradise and houses 369 mammals, 400 birds, and 20 reptiles. Some of the species of birds and animals that can be seen there include Sloth bear, Zebra, Blackbuck, Baboon, Asiatic lion, Jaguar, amongst many others. The zoo is loved equally by the kids as well as the elderly people.

Get mesmerized by the charm of roses 

If you are planning to see the Zakir Husain Rose Garden, then make sure that you plan your travel during the winter season. This way, you will be able to catch sight of different species of rose, blooming in their majestic demeanor.

When it is all about books and coffee 

For those who just love to spend time with their favorite novel over a cup of coffee, Chandigarh has a lot to offer. It has a range of cafes that you can visit and have a delightful experience. Some cafes that are on the top of the list are Café Nomad, Oven Fresh, Backpackers’ Café and The Willow Café.

The colossal Elante Mall 

One of the biggest malls of India, Elante Mall is located in Chandigarh and it is the one-stop shopping destination for all the shopaholics and you can find all the national as well as international brands under one roof there. The food court houses all the major restaurants like Pirates of Grill, Boathouse, Pyramid, Brooklyn Central, Nando’s and OvenFresh.  

Head out from Chandigarh to see breathtaking Manali

This city is readily connected to all the major hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. One can easily rent a car from Chandigarh to Manali and other hill stations like Dharamshala and Barot. Outstation cabs from Chandigarh can be boarded easily and the Chandigarh to Manali cab service is considered the best way to reach Manali without hassles. There is regular bus service from Chandigarh to Shimla, Kasauli and other hill stations but hiring a cab from Chandigarh is a desirable option. This will ensure that you can halt according to your own preference and make your journey worth remembering.

A day tour by cab in Lucknow

Immerse yourself in luxury as you travel like a Nawab in Luxury Cab

If you wish to witness the rich Indian culture, art, music, and poetry in its true sense, or you are just a foodie who can’t resist trying spicy as well as delicious local delicacies, Lucknow is just the right place for you to visit. Known for its authentic Ittars (perfumes) and richly crafted handicrafts, you’ll  be able to find something of your choice in Lucknow. The state capital of Uttar Pradesh is an underrated tourist location, but once you get to visit this royal place, you’ll find that the city has a lot more to offer than the usual that travel guides will tell you. And the best way to experience the royal vibe of Lucknow is to travel in a luxury cab. A wise man once said that the right way to know about the place is neither listening to the experiences of the people, nor the stories that you hear, but to visit that place by yourself. So all you need to do is book one of the full day/ half day cabs in Lucknow and begin your own quest of discovering something new.

Lucknow was made famous by the Nawabs of Avadh, who fostered the dance and the music culture amongst the people. The best time to see the largest city of India is from January to March and then from October to December. The weather is just fine in Lucknow during these months. Lucknow has many small and big places to see, and the best way to visit each of them is to book a radio taxi in Lucknow.


Top tourist spots

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Some of the top tourist spots include Bara Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Husainabad Clock Tower and Sravasti. Whether you are looking for a budget trip or you are planning a luxurious one, the place has so much to offer in both the cases. A lot of mid-range to budget accommodation options are available for people to stay and most of them are located in the vicinity of the Charbagh Railway Station.

A dream destination for foodies

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The individuality and distinctiveness of the cuisine are well known throughout India. You just can’t miss the chance of having the lip-smacking range of local dishes of Lucknow which include Kormas, Sheermal, Warqi paranthas. There is a whole range of kebabs which includes Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Ghutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs from which you can pick your own favorite.

The specialty of the dishes lies in the ingredients as well as the way they are crafted and presented by the experienced chefs. The list doesn’t end here, Royal Café which is located in Hazratganj is known for its special Aloo Tokri Chaat. If you love Dahi Bhallas, you must head to Chapan Bhog at Sadar Bazar. The other eminent food joints are Bajpayee Ki Kachori, Ratt Lal, Raj & Raj.  For the love of baked food and authentic desserts, you must plan a visit to the JJ Bakers at Hazratganj and have a bite of the delightful coconut cookies there.

For Biryani lovers, here is a place with the name Dastarkhwaan situated in Gomti Nagar which serves authentic Biryani. Other options where you can head to for Biryani are Wahid at Aminabad Chowk and Idris. Those who enjoy desserts, Prakash Kulfi and Dayal prepare the most delicious Kulfi in Lucknow and both of the shops are present in Aminabad. Local cabs in Lucknow run during the whole day and you can hire a cab to reach these places which are located in the core of Lucknow. Online cab booking in Lucknow is very easy and you can get the best suitable cab for you at a reasonable price. For the lovers of non-vegetarian food, Wahid at Aminabad serves the best Mutton Chaap and Naushijaan at Hazratganj serves the juicy Masala Chicken. Your stomach will get full but your taste buds will never get over the tasty and tempting food. Also, if you are visiting Lucknow you have to try the Special Malai Pan and Chandrakala from Chappan Bhog and Ramasrey and Malai Gilori at Hazratganj and Ramashrey Chowk respectively.


Things you must do in Lucknow

There is a lot to do and see while you make your visit to Lucknow. Radio taxi in Lucknow can take you to all the renowned places as the drivers usually know about the top tourist attractions of the place. To prepare you a bit before you make your visit to the land of Nawabs, here are some things that you must do and places that you must visit while you are in Lucknow.

A visit to Oudhyana

On the top of the list lies the Oudhyana, where Chef Nagendra Singh awaits you, to tempt you with the Lucknow’s famous Awadh cuisine crafted in his own signature manner. Bara Imambara is acclaimed for its highly exceptional corridor structure on the first floor of the building.

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The exceptional Rumi Darwaza

You can catch the sight of the exceptionally curated copy of an entrance gate in Istanbul in Lucknow and it is eminent by the name Rumi Darwaza. Established just beyond the Bara Imambara, the colossal Rumi Darwaza is known to be built in the 1780s by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. It easily catches the sight of the people due to its highly unusual structure.

All about calligraphy and precious stones

Acknowledged by its intricate calligraphy adorning the walls of the tomb, Chota Imambara was built by Mohammad Ali Shah, who was later buried in the tomb, alongside his mother in 1832. The silver throne of Mohammad Ali Shah and his red crown are still put on a display in the tomb for the visitors to see. Tazia, which is a replica of the tomb of Mohammad Ali Shah’s son Husain, is also present in the tomb.

Experience royalty at the Royal Café

Royal Café is an excellent café where you can easily reach by hiring a local taxi and it’s well-known for its royal demeanor and the extremely popular Chaat stand in front of the café.

The famous Lucknow Mahotsav

If you are one of those who makes elaborate plans before leaving for vacation, you must schedule your travel during the days of Lucknow Mahotsav which is a 10-day long festival and it brings out the true Nawab spirit during late November. A lot of plays, Ghazal, and Kathak events are carried out by the experts in this festival.


Reaching Lucknow to Kanpur by cab and the comparison of fare

Lucknow is readily connected to all the major locations and you can easily board a cab to reach anywhere from Lucknow. Boarding a one-way taxi from Lucknow to Kanpur is really easy and you can book your cab either online or by visiting any taxi stand in Lucknow. The cab will reach your pick up point and easily pick you up and drop you to your desired drop location anywhere in Kanpur. It is the definitely the best option for the travelers who need to travel one way only from any point in Lucknow to Kanpur. The cab fare is quite feasible and perhaps it is the best way to see the place in its true sense.

Discover Udupi’s temples, beaches and food

Udupi is a coastal town in the Karnataka state of southern India. While the Udupi restaurants are famous around the globe, particularly with the Indian diaspora for the dosa, idli and other south Indian fare they serve, the town itself is a must-visit tourist destination. Udupi is renowned for its historical Krishna temple and a monastery established by one of the greatest Hindu saints, Madhavacharya.

The city offers some very nice beaches, lush greenery, a series of temples, and the quaint charm, typical of a small coastal town. Unlike the beaches of Goa that lies about 200 miles away, Udupi beaches are less crowded and relatively more serene.

The Sri Krishna Temple and the adjoining monastery (Mutt) top the list of attractions in Udupi. History of the temple dates back to the 13th century and has several local mythological stories attached to it. The architecture of the temple follows the typical Kerala style of temple architecture and presents several layers surrounding the sanctum sanctorum. Free lunch is offered to devotees every day, and the dining halls have only Indian style dining arrangements. According to Hindu tradition, food must always be consumed while seated on the floor so that you connect with the Earth.

The Anantheshwar Temple is another significant religious place in Udupi. It is believed that the temple was built over thousand years ago. Alternatively known as Manjula Kshetra, this is one of the most visited places in Udupi. Kapu Beach is located on NH 66 while driving south off Udupi. The timings to visit the beach keep changing in tune with the season and local conditions. Late evenings are unlikely to be a great bet throughout the year. This beautiful beach is also home to a lighthouse about 100 feet tall.

Malpe Beach is on SH 65 abutting Stella Mary’s Church. The beach is known for its fantastic sunset views. You can book a Savaari cab to head to the beach. This is a clean and nice beach with fewer tourists visiting. Manipal End-point Park is also on SH 65 and represents a small cliff overlooking the Swarna River. This point offers an alluring view of the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the East. Check accessibility when you draw up your itinerary.

St. Mary’s Island lies off the Malpe Beach, and visitors can take a boat ride from the fishing harbour at Malpe. You can witness the rock formations from waves and volcanic lava. Historians link the island to Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese explorer. Boat services to the island are not available after 6 pm, and at least 30 people fare-paying passengers are needed for the boat to take off. This service may not operate in inclement weather or rough sea conditions. This island is best visited in the forenoon hours.

A visit to Udipi is never complete without tasting the widely acknowledged Udupi vegetarian food. While you can explore many restaurants here, we recommend Mavalli Tiffin Room or MTR whose popularity is growing with each passing day in Southern India, albeit for Vegetarians.

The ideal time to visit Udupi is in the winters between the months of October to February. You can also visit during the monsoons to enjoy the lush green covers and the ambient atmosphere. Udupi does not have an airport, so you have to fly till Mangalore which is about 60 km away, and then book a taxi to reach Udupi. The city is well-connected to other cities via both roads and rail network. You can take a train from Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore, etc. to reach the Udupi Railway Junction. Private and state transport buses are available from the nearby cities, and so are the private taxis. Local autorickshaws are available to commute within the city. Happy Vacationing!


From Udupi, you drive down the gorgeous Malpe Padukar – Pangala Road and see the Pithrody Udyavar Beach. From Malpe, take a ferry out to St Mary’s Island and see the Columnar Basaltic Lava formation on the northern tip of the island.

Experience Mysore like a local

Mysore is a city known for its palaces, diversity, and royal heritage. Every year people from across the world visit this great city to experience the bygone royal era. Have you ever wondered if you could see the city beyond the clichéd touristy places? Well, there are some exceptional activities that you can undertake to experience Mysore like a true local.

 Go on a walkabout around the vibrant and lively Devaraja Market

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Named as one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysore is a peaceful retreat with its wide clean roads and lush green boulevards. One fun activity in Mysore that will not only set you in awe but also leave you with a sense of fulfillment is a leisure walk through Devaraja Market.

As you enter the market square and look around, you will be awe-struck by the sheer diversity of people present in the vicinity. With the city’s heritage buildings in the backdrop, the entire scene is an artistic masterpiece and perhaps, the reason why celebrated artists like T.S. Satyan and R.K. Laxman have drawn inspiration from the Devaraja market.

Another breath-taking sight to witness in the market is the arrangement of vibrant Rangoli colours, the meticulously arranged fruits, and the endless array of flowers and garlands that can be spotted throughout the market. The Devaraja market is a great place to get some of your favourite and unique floral perfumes.  

Mysore sandalwood articles and artisan houses

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Speaking of fragrances, Mysore is one of the best places to get pure sandalwood items like sandalwood vials, oils, perfumes, soaps, etc. You can head to the Government Sandalwood Factory to buy some souvenirs. Mysore city is blessed with some of the finest stone and sand sculptors. The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum houses over 150 sculptures in over 16 varied themes. These sculptures are something unique that you may have never seen, at least not on such a large scale. Another important place to visit in Mysore will be the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) factory on Mananthavady Road, where you can see how weavers artistically create the famous Mysore Silk Saree.

 Go on a heritage walk to know the story of kings

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Even though you might want to see the city like a local, it is recommended that you explore the picturesque palaces. You can become a part of heritage walk that covers popular Palaces such as Great Mysuru Palace, the Jaganmohan Palace, and Lalitha Mahal. Knowing the real stories of the past kings of Mysore will make you wish to be reborn in the bygone royal era, well of course only as a king.

 Spend a day exploring Mysore’s hidden gems like a local

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There are several things that locals do, but tourists never try. You can try Ashtanga Yoga session, ride on a Tonga, Witness a horse race, play Golf in the Palace grounds, and visit the Karanji Lake Butterfly Park. Behold the city glow like a shining star at night from the top of Chamundi hills. No trip can ever feel complete without munching on the local cuisine. In Mysore, try the Mysore Paks, Mylari Dosas, Butter Masala Dosas and the famous Banana Leaf Meal. One of the best times to visit Mysore to relish the city’s true spirit is during the months of September-October amidst Mysuru Dasara celebrations.

When you’re done exploring what the city of Mysore has to offer, you can head out of town to relax at some of the gorgeous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries nearby.

Happy Vacationing!

Go on a walkabout to Bangalore’s best book stores

Bibliophiles often go to great lengths to scour the globe for a copy of the literature they’ve been craving for. If you’re in Bangalore though, you are in for a big treat! Although the city is primarily known for its party scene, a closer look will reveal some absolute gems of bookstores.

Let us take a look through some of the best bookstores in the Garden City.

Goobe’s Book Republic

Image credit: The Hindu

This quaint little bookstore on Church Street is easy to miss, if you’re not actively searching for it. Passers-by are alerted to its presence only via a small chalkboard sign on the street, pointing towards a flight of stairs.

Descend those stairs and you’ll encounter a quaint, beautifully arranged space crammed with all kinds of books. The shop sells a combination of new and second-hand books from all genres. Goobe’s Book Republic gives out a feeling of intimacy, not just because it’s small, but because of the relationship between the seller and the customer.

The employees of the store give you recommendations based on your reading history, and also make sure to get your input on what they should be stocking next. The prices start as low as Rs. 25, so what are you waiting for? Book a cab in Bangalore and get to Church Street!

Blossom Book House

Image credit: amreading.com

Another gem situated in Church Street, Blossom is one of the city’s more famous bookshops. It is an odd, yet innovative combination of a bookstore and a library, and the result is a complex setup teeming with promise. And there’s good news for bibliophiles! They’ve recently opened another branch on Church Street – this means even more books!

The store consists of high shelves stacked close to each other and stocked with titles from every genre imaginable. The store has over 50,000 books available, most of them with heavy discounts. The first floor of the store is stacked ceiling to floor with fiction and graphic novels from around the world. On the second floor, you’ll find a large collection of non-fiction spanning art, history, psychology, math and even health.

Atta Galatta

Image credit: attagalatta.com

This bookstore in Bangalore is special, and not just because of the five oaks that stand guard outside the building. Atta Galatta promotes Indian authors actively, and the only books by foreign authors in the store are in the children’s section.

It has an amazing collection of Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and English books written by Indian authors. The store regularly organizes book reading sessions and interactive events with Indian writers.

The store also has an in-house bakery so you can munch on your favourite baked goodies while you browse. Located in 5th Block, Koramangala, you can just book a taxi in Bangalore and get here.

The Bookworm

Image credit: knowyourstar.com

The Bookworm is known for its unique credit system, whereby users can borrow a book for half the book’s price and swap it for another after reading it. The store boasts of eminent clientele like Ramchandra Guha and Anita Nair, but the owner Krishna wears it lightly on his sleeve.

He started this store back in 2002, and promotes Indian authors and books by giving large discounts. Known among the bookworms of Bangalore as the perfect place to find the ultimate steal. And just like Blossom, Bookworm has also opened up a new branch on Church Street!

Gangaram’s Book Bureau

More than half a century old, Gangaram’s is one of the most loved bookstores in the city. The store moved to its current location in Church Street around five years ago, and its sprawling interiors are stacked with all kinds of books- both academic and fiction.

The store has been associated with International publishers Penguin for the best part of four decades, and has a separate rack for the renowned publishing company.

These are only some of the more famous joints for books in the Bangalore; the city is teeming with many other treasure troves for book lovers. All it takes is the ever curious mind of the bookworm to discover them all and, now that cab booking in Bangalore has become so convenient, they are even easier to access!