#60DaysOfSummer – Yoga in Kodaikanal

Stressed from work and city life? Cut all cords (mostly electronic ones) and head to Kodaikanal for a quiet yoga retreat. Visit the Kodaikanal Yoga Centre, tucked away in the hills to experience solitude and some soul searching.

Kodaikanal Yoga Centre and Karuna Farm are about 12km from Kodaikanal town, and offer a holistic and wholesome living experience. The centre has daily yoga classes as well as art, living and design workshops for guests. While you’re de-stressing with yoga and a natural lifestyle, you can stay at Karuna Farm in a cottage of your choice.

Karuna Farm has a number of cottages with a number of amenities spread out across its property – so choose wisely before you make your booking. The farm doesn’t allow the consumption of alcohol on its premises – they expect all guests to respect this rule.


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