#60DaysOfSummer – Birdwatching in Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

How about going on a holiday to a bird sanctuary that’s in the middle of large lake? Does it help that the lake is at the edge of the Bay of Bengal? We thought it might. Head to Pulicat Bird Sanctuary near Chennai for an exquisite bird watching experience.

To get to the tiny island that houses the bird sanctuary, you need to get on the bridge that connects Kudiri village to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. And if that’s not cool enough, you can just drive down to beaches in either Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu depending on the rest of your itinerary.

This salt water lake has a couple of hotels along the bank where you can stay if you choose to stay near the lake a little longer.


Book a cab from Chennai to Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. It’s a day-long trip and you can easily head to Pulicat and back in one day.


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